Apple TV update could put your Screen Time on the clock – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Apple could be about to refresh its Apple TV set-top box line-up, according to new rumours on Monday.

A report from The Verifier (via 9to5Mac) outlines a potential Apple TV 6 model, as well as some key tvOS 14 updates in the coming weeks and months.

As for the box itself, it appears the key improvement might be boosting the storage options. Currently, Apple offers 32GB and 64GB drives, but that may expand to 64GB and 128GB if Apple adds a new model.

The thinking behind this decision is to ensure Apple Arcade subscribers have enough room to download all of those App Store games to their set-top boxes, without having to constantly make room.

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In changes that would probably be made available for owners of current-generation Apple TV devices, Apple is planning on bringing its Screen Time app to the tvOS platform, according to today’s reports.

That would be handy for those attempting to spend less time sat in front of the television set. It would also be handy for parents looking to keep tabs on just how much content their children are watching on a week-by-week basis.

Speaking of the wee ones, there’s also going to be a new Kids mode for tvOS, the report says. That, like in iOS, would enable parents to have more granular control over what kids can access via the Apple TV set-top box.

As for when Apple would launch the new models, that remains unclear. It’d likely be something Apple rolled out quietly, as it did with the new MacBook Air, iPad Pro and Mac mini models last week.

Any major changes to tvOS would likely be announced at whatever form WWDC takes this summer and rolled out in the autumn, if Apple is able to keep to its traditional reveal and release schedule for new software updates.
AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (