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Time to dust off your ATV3s! The 7 year wait is over!

At one time some people said the Apple TV 3 (ATV3) would never be jailbroken (in your face Craig Lloyd) and to be fair ALOT of people said it would never be jailbroken. (Sorry Craig) But thanks to tihmstar. The once most elusive jailbreak is here for us to enjoy. And lets be happy it’s here.

Sure the ATV3 is obsolete.
Sure the most recent available Kodi Helix 14.2 (Current version is 18.7)
Sure almost no repos work with such a dated version of Kodi.
But this is a culmination of 7 years, 10 months and 21 days of waiting.

You can even check out a timeline on the jailbreak here –

It took 7 years, 10 months and 21 days until the first public ATV3 jailbreak release
and it took another 1 day until the first person figured out how to actually use it.

I know we should be covering the Apple TV 4 but that’s been pretty dead too for the last little while. It was nice to see some “big news” during the pandemic. So below are the ways you can Jailbreak Apple TV3.

Instructions – or Reddit
Video – Clicky TV – How to Jailbreak Apple TV3
Past Articles –
FireCore Community
Gotta Be Mobile

Source –

Set up the Apple TV app on your smart TV

Here’s what you need

Movie Box - Show Box Clone

Movie Box (Show Box Clone) for iOS/TVOS

Check out Movie Box – A Show Box clone for iOS and TVOS it also gives trailer and synopsis of current and past movies. Check it out while it’s hot!

Greeng0blin – Apple TV jailbreak for tvOS 10.2.2

The greeng0blin Jailbreak for tvOS 10.2.2 Is Now Available

greeng0blin is an Apple TV jailbreak tool for tvOS 10.2.2 firmware. Similar to Cydia does on jailbroken iOS. It was developed by Kevin Bradley (@nitoTV) and Justin Williams (@Jaywalker). As you may have noticed nitoTV has been very busy this week.

Top 15 TVOS Games for Apple TV 4K

The Best TVOS Games for Apple TV 4K

A list of the best TVOS games out there was compiled by the Apple Insider. The list is headlined but great games such as Rayman Adventures and Sonic the Hedgehog.

VUDU Coming Soon to Apple TV 4

The new and popular streaming app service VUDU is in development for the Apple TV 4 and will soon be available. The app offers free (with ads) and paid movies and TV shows.

The launch date has not been revealed yet.

For more info check out MacRumors.

Source: MacRumors

Happy Holidays from Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Seasons Greetings and may your holidays be merry and bright!

Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year to you and your loved ones.

Siri Remote

Apple TV Remote App Now Available

The free Apple TV app is now available via the App Store.

The Apple TV remote app, a must own for all Apple TV users that own an iPhone/iPad owners (of course). The remote app is especially useful since the tiny Siri Remote is so easily misplaced or lost in your couch. Having the app on your iPhone or iPad could be a lifesaver unless you lose your iPhone or iPad in the couch too…

Source: Apple TV Remote Page


How to Stop Kodi Removal After Apple TV 4 Updates

How to Fix The “Kodi Is No Longer Available” Error Message

Many users have noticed their Kodi and other non-Apple App Store installed (side loaded) applications has been removed from their devices following an update. When clicking on Kodi they get the “Kodi is no longer available” error message. The reason is simple, Apple restores all devices to a “factory like” state after all updates. Which means if your device has a “non approved” or “sideloaded” apps like Kodi they will be removed. So if reloading your apps constantly is something you enjoy then for you this article ends here. But for the rest of us, stopping automatic updates will stop Kodi’s removal on your ATV4.

Disabling Automatic Updates

  • On your Apple TV 4
  • Go to Settings then System
  • Under Maintenance click on Software Updates
  • Switch Automatically Update off.

Best Apple TV 4 Apps (Not Named Kodi)

As you probably already know Kodi isn’t the only app you can use on the forth generation Apple TV.

Knowyourmobile has compiled some of the best ATV4/TVOS apps for the market. Even one of my personal favorites made the list. The ever timeless Sonic CD!

Source: Knowyourmobile