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Hey folks,

I’ve just subscribed to big IPTV “channel” and I’m looking for solid Apple TV app to use it. I’ve tried rIPTV and GSE, but those are just … uh … horrible. They functionally work, but my god, do these people not have eyes? They are just godawful.

So, any ideas for solid IPTV apps?

What to Do if You’re Not Seeing Your Apple TV+ 1-Year Free Trial Offer – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Tuesday May 26, 2020 5:30 am PDT by Joe Rossignol

Apple plans to release several higher-end devices with Mini-LED displays in 2021, including a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the first quarter, a new 16-inch MacBook Pro in the second quarter, and a new 27-inch iMac in the second half of the year, according to Jeff Pu, an analyst at Chinese research firm GF Securities. This timeframe lines up with one shared by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who recently…

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AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

How to Stream an iPad’s Screen to a TV with Apple TV – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (


Does a chip in my iPad determine the picture quality when I am streaming?

The processor (computer chip) in your iPad determines how fast your iPad is. This does have a significant effect on video quality. That said, the screen resolution of your TV is often more of a limiting factor when streaming your iPad’s screen to your TV. Screen resolution is a sort of hard limit on how high the picture quality can be on a given display. Besides that, network speed and bandwidth can also impose limits on stream quality.

Why would anyone game on an Apple TV? – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Which one would you choose?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The new Apple TV has been on sale for just over three months now, and the growing catalog of tvOS apps and games looks incredibly promising. It’s what Apple TV fans have been calling out for for years, and it doesn’t disappoint.

But does tvOS and a strong backing from iOS developers make Apple TV a good game console? Is it an ideal buy for casual gamers, and can it mount a real threat against the latest and greatest consoles from Sony and Microsoft? Do we even need another console?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac as we battle it out over those questions and more for your entertainment!

Killian Bell (Writer, Cult of Android): Welcome to Friday Night Fights, Rob. It’s nice to take on someone not named Luke for a change. I’ll go easy on you as it’s your first time, but I have no intention of losing this one.

This week’s battle is over the new Apple TV’s gaming capabilities, and whether they’re really necessary. I was super excited about getting tvOS and a dedicated App Store, and I’m sure it will be successful. But I’m not sure we really need another console.

Sure, gaming on an iPhone or iPad is fun when you have ten minutes to kill, but if you want to game on a TV in your living room, I don’t see why you wouldn’t buy a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One for a far, far greater experience.

I know you’re an Apple TV fan — and a gamer. So what do you think?

Rob LeFebvre (Writer, Cult of Mac): Thanks so much for inviting me here to show Luke how it’s done. To be frank, he’s a little soft on you.

So, here’s the thing, Killian. May I call you Killian? The Apple TV is the perfect gaming system for everyone. That’s right — everyone. Whether you’re a gamer, not a gamer, an iOS gamer, a portable gamer, or a big console or PC gamer, the Apple TV is the the ultimate little machine for all. Not only can you play big, time-wasting epic games on it, but it supports every game you’ve already got in your Apple ID ecosystem.

The best example I can think of this is my girlfriend, who has become somewhat of a mobile gamer in the last few years as she discovered how great it is to sit on the couch and play on her iPad. Recently, though, she started playing the incredible Lumino City on the Apple TV. She played through at least four hours on the big screen, marveling at the hand-made details and challenging puzzles in the game. The big screen brought that game to life in…
AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (



Time to dust off your ATV3s! The 7 year wait is over!

At one time some people said the Apple TV 3 (ATV3) would never be jailbroken (in your face Craig Lloyd) and to be fair ALOT of people said it would never be jailbroken. (Sorry Craig) But thanks to tihmstar. The once most elusive jailbreak is here for us to enjoy. And lets be happy it’s here.

Sure the ATV3 is obsolete.
Sure the most recent available Kodi Helix 14.2 (Current version is 18.7)
Sure almost no repos work with such a dated version of Kodi.
But this is a culmination of 7 years, 10 months and 21 days of waiting.

You can even check out a timeline on the jailbreak here –

It took 7 years, 10 months and 21 days until the first public ATV3 jailbreak release
and it took another 1 day until the first person figured out how to actually use it.

I know we should be covering the Apple TV 4 but that’s been pretty dead too for the last little while. It was nice to see some “big news” during the pandemic. So below are the ways you can Jailbreak Apple TV3.

Instructions – or Reddit
Video – Clicky TV – How to Jailbreak Apple TV3
Past Articles –
FireCore Community
Gotta Be Mobile

Source –

How Apple TV Works – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

With its many incarnations of the iPod and other audio-related equipment, it may seem as though Apple has neglected the ubiquitous television in favor of entertainment products targeting music lovers. For an array of reasons, after its 2006 introduction, Apple TV fell off the radar of many casual digital video aficionados. Now, though, more and more people are buying Apple TVs as they discover the myriad ways they augment their HDTV experiences.

Apple began shipping the Apple TV in spring 2007, billing the product as a way to tie the power of your computer and high-speed Internet connection to the gorgeous display of an HDTV. More specifically, you need a TV with widescreen (16:9) enhanced-definition or high-definition capability and a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Digital Visual Interface (DVI) or component video input port.

Add an Ethernet network and iTunes store account to the mix, and you have everything you need to control and display photos, and play music and videos on your TV. You don’t need a Mac-centric computer to make it work because Apple TV is compatible with PCs and Macs alike, and the media you use through the Apple TV isn’t limited to the personal collection you’re currently storing in your iTunes library. Apple TV also lets you leverage specific Internet tools to access a range of audio and video — most notably HD-quality movies from major studios.

After reviewing feedback from the first round of Apple TV users in early 2008, “We learned what people wanted was movies, movies, movies,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs [source: Block]. Since then, Apple pushed to satisfy Apple TV devotees’ desires for improved TV and movie options, a prime reason unit sales tripled in January 2009 compared to January 2008 [source: Apple Insider].

On the next few pages, you’ll see how Apple TV works with your entertainment system and examine how a few software updates from Apple (as well as some inventive user modifications) contribute to Apple TV’s newfound popularity.

Free Jailbreak Software Tools For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

There has been numerous jailbreaking tools (TaiG, Pangu, PPJailbreak, JailbreakMe etc.) released to jailbreak a variety of firmware versions (iOS 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 etc.) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV etc.). Thus, we have created one of the most complete databases of jailbreak software tools. In this database of jailbreaking tools you can learn the history of each tool, which operating systems they’re compatible with, find download links, and even how to guides. So what are you waiting for? Check out this ever-expanding database of jailbreaking software related tools below:

Note: we’ll be posting updates as new jailbreak software tools are released. If you see any incorrect information please let us know by contacting us.

The Evasi0n (Evasi0n7) jailbreaking tool is developed by a group of hackers by the name of the Evad3rs (Pimskeks, Planetbeing, Pod2G and MuscleNerd). Evasi0n will jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV untethered running iOS 6.0 – iOS 6.1.2 and iOS 7.0 – iOS 7.0.6 (using Evasion7). Lean more about the Evasi0n software tool, common issues, and much more!

The PPJailbreak jailbreaking tool is developed by a group of Chinese hackers that go by the name of 25PP. PPJailbreak will jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch untethered on iOS 8.0 through iOS 8.4. It’s only available for the Mac OS X operating system. Simply learn more about the PPJailbreak tool.

The TaiG (pronounced Taiji) jailbreaking tool is developed by a group of Chinese hackers (TaiG Team). It will jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad untethered running iOS 8.0 – iOS 8.4, and is available for Windows and Mac OS X. You can learn more about the TaiG software tool.

The Pangu (Pangu8 and Pangu9) jailbreaking tool was developed by a group of Chinese hackers (dm557, windknown, ogc557, and Daniel_K4, zengbanxian, INT80). Pangu will jailbreak untethered the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad on iOS 7.1 through iOS 9 firmwares. It’s available for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. More information on the Pangu jailbreak software tool.


Download Ac1dSn0w Beta 1 / 2 To Jailbreak iOS 5, 5.0.1 On iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPad
How To Jailbreak iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 On iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS Using Ac1dSn0w Beta 1 [Mac OS X]


The Spirit jailbreaking tool was developed by iOS hacker Comex. Spirit is very easy to use and literally takes just under 30 seconds to jailbreak the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 3.1.2 through 3.2 untethered. Spirit is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms. Learn more about the super easy-to-use Spirit jailbreak tool.

The RedSn0w jailbreak tool is probably the most widely known iOS jailbreak tool available. Originally known as QuickPwn, RedSn0w is developed by the iPhone Dev-Team and allows you to jailbreak…
AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Where and How to Watch Apple TV Plus – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Apple TV+ is the latest à la carte premium streaming service to enter the highly competitive TV landscape – which will also includeDisney+ in a few weeksandHBO Max this coming May. Apple TV Plus launches Friday, November 1, and has a relatively low price point, at $4.99 per month. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can (or can’t) get Apple TV+ on your various devices and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Switch:

Apple TV+ Shows and Features

At launch, Apple TV+ doesn’t have a huge back catalog of content like many of its competitors, but the company is spending an estimated $6 billion on original content and will open its doors with a handful of new shows likeFor All Mankind (review here),See (review here),Dickinson (review here), andThe Morning Show (review here). $6 billion is on par with what Amazon spends per year, but a far cry from Netflix’s $15 billion.LoadingFuture shows will includeM. Night Shyamalan’s Servant(dropping on Thanksgiving), a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, Truth Be Told (starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul), and a newcomedy set at a video game developer from Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day.

Apple is also offering a free year of Apple TV+ to anyone who purchases a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod after September 10. If for some reason you are not seeing the free year of Apple TV+ on your new gizmo, head to Apple’s website and sign in with the iCloud account you used to set up the new device with.

Every TV Show Coming to Apple

Compatible Devices for Apple TV+

Here’s a breakdown of which devices will and won’t work to get you started streaming with Apple+.

Web Browser

  • For those using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browsers, Apple TV+ is available for streaming at Apple’s website.

Set-Top Streaming Devices

The Apple TV app, which will carry Apple TV+ for subscribers, is available through TV streaming boxes for those without an antenna or cable subscription, including:

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart TVs from Samsung, Roku, LG, Vizio, and Sony

iOS and Android Devices

You can easily catch Apple TV+ through the Apple TV app on the iPhone and other iOS devices. There’s currently no Apple TV app for Android phones or tablets. Of course, subscribers can still stream through theApple TV+ website.

Gaming Console Support

At launch, Apple TV+ only exists within the Apple TV app, which is exclusive to Apple devices. That means at this time, there is no Apple TV app for PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

Apple’s See – Photo Gallery

Apple TV+ is available in over 100 countries – including Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

An individual Apple TV+ membership allows for up to six simultaneous streams.

Matt Fowler is a writer for IGN and a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler and Facebook at

All of Apple’s Original TV Shows and Movies – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Apple has dozens of original TV shows and movies in the works for its Apple TV+ streaming service, which debuted on November 1, 2019. In this guide, we’ve rounded up everything that Apple is working on, including shows that have launched, and upcoming shows and projects that are still in development.

Try Apple TV+ free for 1 week

Details about TV shows and movies become clearer as these shows are cast and as episodes are filmed, so for some of these titles, we don’t have a lot of information at this time. This guide is updated on a regular basis with all new original content details, and more information on each title can be found on Apple’s Apple TV+ press site.

Available TV Shows

Apple has more than a dozen shows that have launched, and a bunch more in the works. There are comedies, dramas, thrillers, and shows aimed at children, with a full list of what Apple’s working on below.


Dickinson is a comedy about the life of famous American poet Emily Dickinson. The show will offer a comedic look into Dickinson’s world, exploring the constraints of society, gender, and family from the perspective of a budding writer who doesn’t fit into her own time. Dickinson is set to premiere on September 14 at the Tribeca TV Festival.

Notable names:Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen) and Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) star in the series.


See is an epic post apocalyptic drama where the world has been wiped out by a virus. There are survivors, but all of the survivors have been rendered blind.

Notable names:Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Alfre Woodard (12 Years a Slave), and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) star in the series.


Ghostwriter is a reinvention of the previous popular TV show Ghostwriter. It follows four children brought together by a mysterious ghost in a bookstore, with the children teaming up to release fictional characters from works of literature.

The Morning Show

“The Morning Show,” as the name suggests, is a morning talk show drama that will take a look inside the lives of the people who help America wake up in the morning.

Apple has signed a deal for two seasons of the show, with the two key stars, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, set to earn $1.25 million per episode.

Notable names:Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Billy Crudup, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw will star in the show.

For All Mankind

“For All Mankind” is a space drama that explores what might have happened in the world if the global space race had never ended.

Notable names:Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon), Michael Dorman (Patriot), and Sarah Jones (The Path) will star in the show. Ronald D. Moore created and wrote the series.

Fraggle Rock: Rock On

“Fraggle Rock: Rock On” is a shortform series from the Jim Henson Company that airs on ‌Apple…
AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

ViacomCBS’ Noggin Launches On Apple TV In U.S. And Internationally – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

Noggin, Nick Jr.’s interactive learning subscription service for preschoolers, is now available on Apple TV channels on the Apple TV app in 25 territories, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France and multiple regions in Southeast Asia. New Noggin users will get a free seven day trial to the service through Apple TV channels.

Subs can watch online or download long and short-form Nick Jr. content like Paw PatrolDora the ExplorerShimmer and Shine, Blaze and the Monster Machines and The Wonder Pets! in over 20 languages on the Apple TV app. Through Family Sharing, up to six family members can share subscriptions to Apple TV channels using just their Apple ID and password.

“Offering our iconic kids content to Apple TV subscribers in more than 25 territories is an important step in advancing our international premium streaming strategy,” said David Lynn, CEO of ViacomCBS Networks International. “We’re excited to reach even more kids and families on a platform that they’re already using.”

Noggin, launched in 2015, offers preschoolers educational content developed by curriculum experts through popular Nick Jr. characters.

The Apple TV app is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, and Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

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