Latest Rumors On The Next Six Generation Apple TV Model – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (

The recent talks and rumors have started to spread regarding what the next Apple TV might have as far as new features, specifications, and when it might be released.

The latest rumor regarding the upcoming six generation Apple TV model has to do with the possible date release, new features, and specifications. Rumor has it some of the new features that might be included are: a gaming machine, a combined digital media player with Apple’s set-top box, and a platform for apps with the ability to stream content from iOS devices as well as from Mac computers to a TV.

Talk has it Apple could release the six generation in the September event of 2018, this may happen if minor changes are incurred,  other rumors are speculating Apple may debut the newer model much later in 2019 if more major features are to be added, such as AirPod Siri support, it seems it is possible to use Bluetooth headphones with the Apple TV. Face recognition could also be a future possibility on the Apple TV, another rumor states the Apple TV could have its own game controller.

As far as rumors on the specs, talk has it the Apple TV could add options of 128GB and 256GB models, this would come in handy for streaming and storing content in iCloud. The price should be expected to be similar to the fifth generation Apple TV  if minor changes occur, but if Apple makes some major changes on the Apple TV, expect to see an adjustment in cost.

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