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Hello, I’ve been following the development of this feature for a while and it seems Spotify has finally gotten their new library UI in a working state, version 8.6.60 had it semi working but it didn’t have any functionality beyond tapping on albums. Here is a simple tweak to enable it, make sure you are on version 8.5.65 for it to work properly.


It seems this is new UI is mainly written in Swift(If you care about that sort of thing), Spotify also seems to possibly have more UI reworks in the progress.

I’ll release an update to SpotiFly soon to add this along with a few other things if you prefer to have one tweak for all your customization.

Not to get too off topic but this next update will be one of the last updates for SpotiFly(I want to get this next update out and maybe two or three more, rewrite the preferences and add some stuff not exactly like what’s been added so far), I will probably be switching to Apple Music and would prefer to not have to have Spotify downloaded just for this sort of thing. If anyone is interested in taking over the project I’ll be more than welcome to help you with anything related to the project.

Repo: keaton-dev.github.io/repo

Source code: https://github.com/keaton-dev/yourlibraryx I’ll upload the folder to GitHub soon, but in the mean time here’s the code.

` %hook YourLibraryX

  • (BOOL)isYourLibraryXEnabled { return YES; }

AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

Apple TV – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

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How to get Apple TV Plus for free – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

Apple TV Plus is the latest software service from the team at Cupertino, California. The same company that makes iPhones and iPads is asking for $4.99 a month to watch original TV series and movies. Apple hopes to get additional revenue from this service, but what if you don’t want to pay? Is there a way to stream Apple TV Plus for free?

There is! Here are four ways you can watch the exclusive shows and films on Apple TV Plus for free.

Apple TV Plus for free

  1. Seven-day free trial
  2. One year for free
  3. Free with Apple Music for students
  4. Watch certain shows and movies for free

1. Seven-day free trial

The simplest method to get this service for free is to simply sign up for the service and watch it for nothing. Apple is offering a seven-day trial for people who want to test out the new service. Be aware that you will still have to have a credit or debit card on file. That’s because you will be charged $4.99 after the trial period ends if you don’t cancel the service beforehand.

2. One year free trial with Apple device purchase

Credit: Andrew Grush / Android Authority

The second method is perfect for people who were already planning to buy an iPhone. Anyone who purchased or plans to purchase certain hardware products on or after September 10, 2019 will get one year of Apple TV Plus for nothing. This offer covers the purchase of new iPhones, iPads, the iPod Touch, and Apple TV boxes. You can also get this offer when you buy new Mac laptop or desktop PCs.

In order to get this offer, you have to sign up for your Apple TV Plus account within three months of purchasing your device. You have to have a credit or debit card on file. Also, you have to sign up for the free year on your new Apple hardware device. You will be charged after the free year ends if you don’t cancel the account.

3. Apple TV Plus for free with Apple Music student subscription

AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

Apple TV +每月收费4.99美元 并于11月1日推出_机器人天空 – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

2020-04-01 18:32:55 来源:

早在三月份,Apple推出了Apple TV +,这是一个订阅电视和电影服务,其中包括Steven Spielberg,Sofia Coppola,Reese Witherspoon,JJ Abrams,Ron Howard,M。Night Shyamalan和其他好莱坞制片人的原创内容。今天,经过几个月的预期,它揭示了价格和供应细节。

Apple TV +将于11月1日在全球推出,每月售价4.99美元,免费试用7天。(客户从9月10日起购买Apple设备即可免费获得一年。)如前所述,它将是广告 – 免费提供,可通过Apple TV应用程序在100多个国家/地区进行在线和离线观看,该应用程序预装在iPhone,iPad,Apple TV和iPod touch上,很快将在Mac上使用macOS Catalina。Apple TV应用程序也可在部分三星智能电视上使用,并将在未来用于亚马逊Fire TV,LG,Roku,Sony和Vizio平台。

Apple表示,从今天开始,观众可以在Apple TV应用程序中将Apple TV +系列和电影添加到Up Next,以便在第一集可用时通知他们。在发布时,大多数Apple TV +系列将首播三集,每周推出一集新剧集,而一些系列的全季将同时全部播出。

Apple TV +的价格与Apple Music以及最近推出的Apple News +的价格相当,而且与激烈竞争的流媒体娱乐领域的竞争对手相当。其中包括Netflix(12.99美元),亚马逊Prime视频(每月8.99美元)和Hulu(商业广告5.99美元),以及HBO Now(14.99美元),迪士尼+(6.99美元),CBS All Access(商业广告5.99美元),Showtime(10.99美元) )和Starz(8.99美元)。

对于大多数人而言,对于另一种订阅服务的抨击可能听起来并不是非常有吸引力,但苹果公司认为其星光熠熠的内容阵容将说服即使是最节俭的客户也可以分享他们来之不易的汉米尔顿。它投入了60多亿美元用于为Apple TV +开发超过25种不同的电视节目和电影,据报道,它在一些最大的节目中花费了大约1500万美元。与竞争对手形成鲜明对比的是,Apple一直试图将其所有内容保持为“适合家庭使用”,以便在零售店中展示。





一场名为For All Mankind的科幻节目,由太空堡垒卡拉狄加成名的罗纳德·D·摩尔创作。



小美国,一系列关于来自Kumail Nanjiani和Emily Gordon的美国移民。

在岩石上,索菲亚科波拉导演的电影由Lost翻译合作者Bill Murray主演。



来自M. Night Shyamalan的惊悚片。


来自Bob’s Burgers的Loren Bouchard的动画中央公园。


Helpsters,由Apple和Sesame Workshop合作开发的儿童电视节目。

Little Voice,一个讨论歌手Sara Bareilles在纽约市的经历的节目。

看看,由于病毒摧毁了人类并使剩下的人口失明,Jason Momoa和Alfre Woodard将在未来600年内主演这部电视剧。




How to watch porn on your Apple TV – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

In 2010, Steve Jobs banned all pornographic apps from the App Store. He explained the move to a customer via email in 2011: “folks who want porn can buy an Android.” Of course, iPhone users can still access adult sites from their web browser, but if you’re looking for porn on Apple TV, it’s going to be more difficult. But it’s not impossible.

You might not be able to load up a porn app onto your Apple TV, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy the lusty thoughts of the internet. Here’s how to watch porn, or as close to it as you can find, on your Apple TV.

The only way to watch actual porn on your Apple TV is via screen mirroring on an iOS or OSX device. Apple computers and smart devices can project their screens on Apple TVs. To watch your favorite pornographic content, fire up the website, hit screen mirroring, and enjoy. You’ll control the content using your phone or computer, so make sure you keep a paper towel nearby.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top picks for the best free porn sitesHD porn sites 4K pornhigh-quality VR porn, and 10 safe porn sites you can feel confident visiting. Need something more specific, try these porn search engines.


Streaming Apps

Note: These recommendations are the same as those you’ll find in our guide to porn on Amazon Fire Stick.

1) Netflix

If you’re looking for real people having sex without downloading a third-party app, your best bet is, oddly enough, Netflix. While you won’t find traditional porn on Netflix, the streaming giant has a wide selection of movies from TV-MA to NC-17 that feature actual sex. It’s not just heterosexual either, with lesbian scenes particularly well-represented. Again, these movies aren’t actual porn, just cinematic pieces of art that happen to feature real footage of sex. Still, real sex is real sex. It may not replace Pornhub, but it’s the next best thing. Here’s a head start for the service’s massive number of sexy subgenres.

2) HBO Now

HBO recently deleted its “After Dark” section, but there’s still plenty of porn on HBO, or at the very least, a host of erotic and sensual movies and original series packed with nudity. From Game of Thrones to Insecure to True Blood, HBO original programming has always pushed the boundaries of sexual content on cable. 

3) Showtime

While HBO has the most scripted adult content of the premium movie channels, Showtime has the most actual sex. Series like Sex with Sunny…

AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

Apple TV+の期待のSFドラマ『ファウンデーション』映像初公開 #WWDC20 – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

Image: Apple TV / YouTube


いろんな発表があったWWDC2020ですが、その中でApple TV+の新作ドラマ『Foundation(原題)』のティザー映像がついにお披露目となりました!









数学者ハリ・セルダンを演じるのは2011年の映画『シャーロック・ホームズ シャドウ ゲーム』のモリアーティなどでおなじみのジャレッド・ハリス。他にも映画『ホビット』シリーズのスランドゥイル役などで知られるリー・ペイスなどが出演しています。製作総指揮は『ダークナイト』シリーズや近年のDCコミック映画でも知られるデヴィッド・S・ゴイヤー。

まだ、細かなことはわかりませんが、Apple TV+の今の所の作品と比べても規模感がデカくて、映像的なリッチさから考えても、目玉タイトルとなりそうな予感。同サービスはスタートから約半年ですが、大ヒット作には恵まれていないので、Appleとしてもかなり期待を寄せているはず。


ドラマ『Foundation』は、Apple TV+で2021年から配信予定。すでに作品ページが公開されていますよ!

Source: YouTube、Apple




Top 5 games to play on your Apple TV right now – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

We would lie if we were to claim that the Apple TV is a perfect console, because that’s not true. While it does have its share of problems, no one can deny that it also has a lot of potential. The developers are working hard to improve it and bring it to current standards in terms of functionality and available content, but there are certain shortcomings about it that may tick off some people.

The App Store discovery doesn’t work as it should and give the fact that you cannot link applications on the web doesn’t help boost the ATV’s popularly either. However, in the past 2 weeks we went on a download spree and got to play a wide range of games on the ATV. If you’re an Apple TV gamer and want to know more about the best titles you should check out, then you’re in the right place. Below we’ll take a better look at the Best apple TV games that we think every Apple TV owners should play. Let’s check them out!

1. Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising

Space shooters seem to be enjoying a lot of success on the Apple TV and Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising is certainly a title that deserves your attention. The game is fun to play, has great art and we believe that its shortcomings in the voiceover department can be overlooked. Why? Well, because the developers just gave us first look at how the Siri Remote may be used in the development of future Apple TV games.

In terms of control, it’s limited and your ship will automatically attack enemy ships. Using the motion controls is fun and exploring the vast space is an experience in itself given the great graphics. If you’re into space shooters and want to play a slick title that perfectly fits the genre, then you may want to give Manticore Rising a shot.

2. Oceanhorn

Do you love The Legend of Zelda and think it’s an amazing game? Well, we also think the same. Even more, we want to let you know about Oceanhorn which is a sort of Zelda clone. What we love about this title, aside from its resemblance to Zelda, are the top notch graphics. These actually give you a glimpse of the ATV’s capability as a gaming console for less derivative games. Overall, the game is really fun to play, yet it’s not a masterpiece by any means. However, it does prove that titles such as it may be a convincing leap to a bigger screen.

3. Alto’s Adventure

If you have an iPad or an iPhone, chances are that you may have already played Alto’s Adventure. This is a very fun and interesting game to say the least. Not only that, but it features smooth…

AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

彭博社:苹果今年晚些时候推出新 HomePod 和 Apple TV 6 – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

彭博社在一份新的展望 WWDC 2020 的报告中暗示,苹果可能会在今年晚些时候推出 HomePod 和 Apple TV 的新版本。


苹果计划在今年晚些时候尽快迎合新系统(tvOS)推出新版本的硬件,可能进行较小的升级。而 Apple Watch 有望获得新的表盘,以及儿童专用的一种模式,最值得注意的是,一个新的睡眠跟踪应用程序。

彭博新闻社(Bloomberg News)在 2019 年报道称,苹果预计今年将在 Apple Watch 中增加睡眠追踪功能。该公司还计划对 HomePod 扬声器进行更新,包括增加使用第三方音乐服务(例如 Spotify 提供的服务)的功能。并且它正在为今年晚些时候开发新的较小的 HomePod 做准备。

该报告重申了其他一些传闻中的功能,包括 iOS 版的 CarKey。如果WWDC上没有太多硬件的话,那么苹果可能会在今年下半年积蓄力量。


苹果 Apple TV 6 曝光:搭载 A12X ,性能超 iPad Pro 2018


Apple TV + free subscription not work… – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

So I contacted apple via the “contact support” platform and after checking my details they gave me a redeem code to get the apple tv + free for a year (as I was supposed to get it).

I now have access to the series and movies for free. Not many but there are some, like The Morning Show, See, and The Elephant Queen which is a movie.

AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

[新聞] Apple TV+ 改編艾西莫夫的<基地>系列 – 看板book – AppleTV 4 Jailbreak (appletv4jailbreak.com)

https://hypebeast.com/zh/2020/6/apple-tv-foundation-series-first-trailer Apple TV+ 全新劇集系列《Foundation》首發預告 日前 Apple 正式開幕本年度 WWDC 全球開發者大會,有關 Keynote 的發佈資訊整合,各 位可點擊作詳盡細看。而 Apple 在發佈會上,提及 Apple TV 的同時,亦驚喜地為各位 發放全新劇集系列《Foundation》的預告,這套改編自 1951 年起美國作家 Isaac Asimov 連載多年的鉅著系列,被奉為「史上最偉大科幻小說」,更有指是啟發佐治魯卡 斯寫下後來的 sci-fi 電影經典《星球大戰》。在首發預告中,《Foundation》劇集統籌 暨執行監製 David S. Goyer 便率先披露這套科幻鉅作的製作點滴, 預計將於 2021 年於 Apple TV+ 獨家推出。 劇情講述銀河帝國滅亡之際,一眾流亡分子踏上拯救人類及重建文明的征途,演員陣容包 括美國演員工會獎(SAG Award)得主 Jared Harris 飾演 Hari Seldon、Lee Pace 飾演 Brother Day、Lou Llobell 飾演 Gaal、Leah Harvey 飾演 Salvor、Laura Birn 飾演 Demerzel、Terrence Mann 飾演 Brother Dusk,以及 Cassian Bilton 飾演 Brother Dawn。劇集由 Skydance Television 為 Apple 製作,執行監製包括 Robyn Asimov、 David S. Goyer、Josh Friedman、Cameron Welsh、David Ellison、Dana Goldberg 及 Marcy Ross。有進一步的資訊,我們 HYPEBEAST 將為各位作更詳盡的報導。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgbPSA94Rqg

———— 一大清早打開Apple tv 就被嚇醒…Apple 心臟好大顆啊!! 看預告覺得可以期待! — ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/book/M.1593829533.A.DF3.html ※ 編輯: Nusat ( 臺灣), 07/04/2020 10:25:48